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The Old question of How to Balance Life.

Sherry Ellingson

How do I balance my life? The question I hear over and over. Or I don't have time to hang out with my friends, work-out, travel, etc.

We live in a country that the culture is geared to fast, fast and faster. How quickly can I get my Starbucks so I can run to my next commitment? Where can I stop to get a bite to eat before I have to run to....? Believe me I can relate. Being a single mom to two teenagers, being an entrepreneur, helping a sick parent and wanting to have fun in my life. I work out 4 days a week, balance my kids' social/academic life.

My first suggestion is: to stop, breathe and get centered.

Second, think and contemplate what's important to you? As humans we are mind, body, spiritual beings that crave and need certain things to help us feel emotionally happy or contained. Having an emotionally full bucket is necessary.

Next, begin to bring to your awareness where your time is allocated? I like to offer my clients to notice their daily habits and write down what you spend your time doing and how long does it take. This is outside of work, even though being aware of your work day is also necessary. Being a stay at home parent is work as well ( notice how you spend your day).

Then, begin to make small adjustments. What can you have less of? How can you adjust your schedule to spend time with friends? Is it possible to work out with your friends? Sign up your children for less? Or is it your job that's draining you, and it's time for a new way of making a living?

Lastly I want to revisit my first suggestion: stop, breathe and feel in to calm.

Thank you for reading,

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Sherry Ellingson

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