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I'm a 200 -hour Certified Yoga Teacher. I specialize in Flow (Vinyasa) and work with a variety of ages and needs.

My area of expertise/ specialty is working with  Athletes to release pain and work with injuries, while strengthening various muscle groups. In addition I use  meditation and guided visualization to help reduce anxiety , release negative mind sets and fears. Working with me individually or in small groups creates maximum benefits. 

You may wander how I decided to become a Yoga teacher? If interested keep reading :):

I have always been in some sort of sport or physical activity starting at a young age. Luckily I had a Mom who was athletic herself and she would sign me up for different activities. I was around 6 when I started skiing in Iran (before the Revolution the country had a very dynamic and Western style culture). I ventured in swimming, ballet, gymnastics as a kid. As a teenager I was involved in softball, tennis team, cheerleading. Once I became older I got in to running, volleyball, continued tennis, learned golf, weight training and got in to various Bootcamp style classes. I started practicing Yoga in my late twenties to relax. With all of these sports I suffered physically with multiple injuries. I had pulled muscles, a cramp in my calf that lasted several weeks and had to use crutches, ankle and wrist issues. I hurt my back on many occasions, one time I was in a Bootcamp class and hurt my low back so powerfully that I couldn't move for 3 days and it took several weeks to heal. I have had to work with shoulder, neck and knee injuries as well.

I like to push myself in sports and that has usually been the reason for my issues.

As I got older I noticed that my joints started to hurt with high impact classes, I wanted a good workout for my mind and body but I always felt that Yoga was not enough. Until  2013  when I took my first Forrest Yoga class (in a heated Room) for 90 min. That was the day I learned Yoga can be a great way to release stress and get a good workout with out hurting yourself (although I have hurt myself in a Power Yoga class trying to do multiple chaturangas-that was self imposed ).

I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training the following February and got certified in Stellarflow which is a practice that is flow style based on Forrest Yoga concepts. I started teaching as soon as I was certified. Ive taught for myself, studios, gyms and have worked with every age group from kids, Prenatal Moms, Athletes to seniors on chair.  As Ive grown in teaching I have come up with sequences that are fun, strong and release tension and stress. I like to play non-traditional music (Non-Yoga :)) at times and who ever I'm teaching I want them to have fun as they release emotional and mental blocks. 

My certification is in Stellarflow from Innerstellar in Berkeley, Ca. 

Stellarflow is a style of Yoga that strengthens the Core while releasing the neck and shoulders. My goal is to help release stress and help heal muscles from over use while having fun.

Visit my classes + workshops page for schedule


You can work with me in a group, on-line or private practice for maximum results.

In person and one on one


60 minutes one on one $100.

Package of 4, 8 and 12 available, please email.

Groups : $125/60 minutes

Coaching + Yoga

60 minutes of Coaching + 60 Minutes of Yoga-$250

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