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Flow (Vinyasa)


I work with a wide range of demographic, because I believe everyone can benefit from Yoga. My  area of expertise/ specialty is working with those with injuries to release pain and learn to  work with it while strengthening various muscle groups. In addition I use  meditation and guided visualization to help reduce anxiety , release negative mind sets and fears. Working with me individually or in small groups creates maximum benefits. 

My certification is in Stellarflow from Innerstellar in Berkeley, Ca. 

Stellarflow is a style of Yoga that strengthens the Core while releasing the neck and shoulders.

My goal is to help release stress and help heal muscles from over use while having fun. 

Visit my classes + workshops page for schedule


You can work with me in a group, on-line or private practice for maximum results.

Deep Flow: Slow Vinyasa

Breathe work, meditation and dynamic movements designed to release tension and anxiety.  The holding of Poses vary from 3-5 breaths. Warm up towards a peak pose with a  warm down and cool off.

 Music , Core work with Sun Salutations.  

Kids/Family Yoga:

Fun themed classes geared  towards various age groups. Guiding in grounding and breath  work.


Working with moms to be, to release tension in various parts of the body and specifically back pain.


The body goes through many changes after child birth as does the feelings and emotions. This class works to  strengthen the CORE again while focusing on YIN to nurture the new mom.


This class is designed to strengthen the CORE while having fun. Focus on strengthening all over, different props such  as blocks, weights and sliders may be used.



This class is designed for athletes and their special needs in order to heal and strengthen. This is best for members of the same team in either large or smaller groups. Working with  areas that have seen trauma and injury. In addition CORE work, muscle release and meditation will be included. 

In person and one on one


60 minutes one on one $100.

Package of 4, 8 and 12 available, please email.

Groups : $125/60 minutes

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