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Business Coaching/Consulting
Career Coaching

As a Business Coach/Consultant I specialize in Coaching owners of privately owned small to medium sized businesses in retail/wholesale, salons, spas, and fitness studios, including most service based businesses.

I spent many years as a Consultant working with businesses that are privately owned, analyzing the front and back end and the structure of the business. My success was based on being able to work with the owner to improve the 9 areas that can either break or make the business successful. 

In addition I worked as a Business Coach in the Corporate environment for over 15 years creating and developing ways to increase sales, enhance the customer experience as well as hiring and training valued teams. This included being a CEO of a small platform that integrated fashion stylists and consumers.

You may want to grow your business but are not sure what is holding you back. There are many different areas that contribute to having a thriving business. As a business owner it's great to know your strengths and the areas that you need help with. That's how I can help you!

I look at different areas of the business:

 Based on those specific areas I can help the owner find areas that can improve and increase bottom line sales. The most important thing about having a successful business is having the "willingness to evolve"!

I work with you ( the business owner) one on one for 12 weeks, meeting once a week virtually to go through the different areas of the business especially the 9 CORE areas. I will give you pointers to work on in between. With a recap the following week. This is a fast paced program to help the business start making changes. After the 12 weeks there is the option of meeting Bi-weekly based on how the business is doing.

Career Coaching

You may have lost your job, are re-entering the work force, or you just are not satisfied with your career anymore. I can help you figure out what get you thrilled and how to proceed. I help you figure out your skills and what way to navigate them. Visit Programs page for more info.

         Communication Consulting/Coaching

 Visit the Mindful Communication page for Coaching companies and businesses in the areas of communication. This is a great program to help create positivity  in the work place. Aligning the team together and fostering an inclusive work culture.


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