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Quick Meditation to Ground
Quick meditation to help groundSherry Ellingson
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Alternate Nostril Breathing
Alternate nostril breathingSherry Ellingson
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    Water Meditation

5 Minute Heart Meditation

Considering we are made up of mostly water,

being in actual water (showers and baths count) is very healing. Even being near the ocean due to the negative ions that are created from the waves can help us to feel better. Here's a meditation for when you are taking a shower:

Visualize the water running down your head and body has a magnetic healing power. Set the intention to allow the water to release all stress and negative energy that has attached to you. Allow the energy that goes through the pipes to become clean and healing once again. When getting out of the shower and toweling off visualize a healing light (choose a color ) to surround you.

Meditation out of water 

Use the same intention and meditation but visualize waves from the ocean pulling out negative energy and as the waves splash you they bring healing. After each meditation allow there to be light surrounding you.

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