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Self-Esteem Studio

Workshops + Classes

Welcome to Self Esteem Studio, where I, Sherry Ellingson, offer classes and workshops in group settings to elevate self awareness and strengthen your connection to your true self. 

Workshops and Classes are done in a group environment.  They are offered both in private and on -line: i.e. offices, gatherings, colleges/universities, company retreats and more.  

Self -Esteem Exploration
               on-line classes

Self-esteem is the root of all beliefs, actions, relationships and communication. How we care for ourselves and treat others is rooted in how we feel about ourselves. It can be family or cultural conditioning and or past trauma. 

Do you feel that you end up with similar situations and people in your life? The friends, painters and work may be different but the same scenario shows up for you. Gaining self-esteem and up leveling the healthiness of it will allow you to step away from the same draining situations.

By strengthening you can begin to make choices that are more aligned with who you truly are.  This is a class to explore self-esteem and take actionable steps towards living the life you have imagined.

In the 4 weeks I will teach you how to tap in, and have topics to explore. 

In between classes there will be work, and journaling.

I will lead you and teach you self-care, communication enhancement, attachment style and how it can work for you, and more.

This class is great for those who want to see new results.

Email me for questions/sign up.

I would like to know why you are interested.

We will set up a brief time to talk on the phone.

Saturday Mornings @ 10 am PST on Zoom.

Cost: $400 (final).

                                                        Building Blocks of Self-Esteem


                                                                                 Ages: 16-25 years old


         How can you impact your life in a more positive way? When you create a life you enjoy and have fun; you

 are able to help your community and ultimately the world. How you feel about yourself is the first step of a building block to get where you want to go.

        In this 4 week class/workshop set up online: we explore the areas that may be holding you back, then move forward towards a satisfying lifestyle.  Areas of focus will be how to communicate in way that is positive and empowering, building boundaries, planning and prioritizing what's important to prevent anxiety and stress, and how to take care of yourself.


        11-12 (PST)

       1- Please email with interest and the reason why you are interested in the workshop.

       2- We will set up a time to chat either on zoom, Skype or FaceTime for a consultation.

       3- Fill out forms including waivers.


        Pricing $400


        Non-refundable pricing.

Time Management

This 90 minute workshop helps you to schedule your must do's and leave room for self-care, fun and just be.


New Mom Support

As a new mom there are many obstacles to face and grow in to. Everything from lack of sleep, how to relate to your partner after baby is here, your in laws and many other topics. This is a group to help you on your path and teach you ways to care for yourself so you can take care of your baby/child.

Stress Management

How do you manage daily stress? Life has it's ups and downs. Learning to deal with stress can build resiliency. This workshop entails: meditation, movement and tools to help manage stress and light anxiety.

Couples' Communication

Arguments come from many different areas and communication is the basis for all. In this workshop you will learn how to communicate in way that enhances your relationship. 


Scheduled Workshops:


Relationship Building

How can you have a better relationship with your partner?

We all would like to think that  the perfect relationship doesn't  take work but  that's not true. We  change, evolve  and grow and so should our relationship.  

February 4th, YMCA Pleasant Hill, Ca.

LOVE Yourself

The center of  your  universe is you!  Not in an  egotistical way but being grounded  in who  you are. 

February 8th @SMCCWGE.


Are  you able to  express yourself? Being able to  say  what  you mean  is  the  basic necessity  in  life. 

March  3  @SMCCWGE

Be Present

We  want to be  mindful and have less to do  in our  daily   lives, but life keeps us from   truly being engaged with  the present. To be still and truly engage with our self  and our surroundings is more of a challenge. Learn how to create   more space in your life.

March 27th @SMCCWGE

Life Balance: Stress Management 

  Get yourself ready for the Holidays with this 90 minute workshop.

      Learn to balance your responsibilities during this time while adding in fun 

      ways to nourish yourself. Taking care of yourself will allow room to take 

      care of your life. 

     I will lead you by teaching tools to help manage your emotions and stress 


     What to expect: meditation to calm and ground, journaling and scheduling.

                                  Bring your calendar (whatever you use), pen and paper.


Schedule for Fall 2021 + Spring 2022

In collaboration with The Center for Women and Gender Equity-St. Mary's College of California.

                                     7 P.M. on ZOOM

Weight a Minute: A Panel Discussion of Weight and Beauty.

September 29th at 7pm on Zoom.

Putting Yourself First with Boundaries:

Learn common reasons why it's hard to have boundaries plus 3 tools to help you create them.

October 6, 2021

Recenter to Heal and Help the World: Digging into what is draining your energy and learning to re-center and refocus.

November 3, 2021

                                   Spring 2022

Am I Good Enough?: Why don't we feel good enough?

In what areas do we feel like we need to keep up. Tools to work with self-Esteem.

January 12, 2022

5 Love Languages fro Yourself and Others: 

Based on the work of Gary Chapman.

Learn your love language and how to apply it to yourself as self love and other people in your life.

February 9, 2022

Four Agreements and Taking Ownership:

The four agreements based on the book by Don Miguel Ruiz how to apply them to daily life and how to take ownership of what goes on in life.

March 2, 2022

Boundaries part 2: With the CARE center at St. Mary's.

How set Boundaries in relationships.

April 2022 (exact day TBD).


YOGA Classes:

Music is played in most of my classes and can vary from Reggae, Hip Hop to Pop.

Deep Flow: Tuesdays

55 min. The Y Pleasant Hill

Breath work, meditation and dynamic movements designed to release tension and anxiety.  The holding of Poses vary from 3-5 breaths

 Music , Core work with Sun Salutations.  



Breath work, meditation and dynamic movements designed to release tension and anxiety.  The holding of Poses vary from one breath to three breaths. The class includes:warm up, work with Abs., a peak pose, warm down and finish with Savasana.

Knowledge of Sun As,SunBs and Classic Sun Salutations are recommended.


This class is designed to strengthen the CORE while having fun. Focus on strengthening all over, different props such  as blocks, weights and sliders may be used.

Deep Flow:

Similar to Vinyasa classes (please read) but will hold each pose about 5-7breaths. Class might include handstands and forearm stands. Should have the knowledge of Sun Salutations A, B and C.


This class is designed for athletes and their special needs in order to heal and strengthen. This is best for members of the same team in either large or smaller groups. Working with  areas that have seen trauma and injury. In addition CORE work, muscle release and meditation will be included. 

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