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Mind Body Spirit Rugby and Yoga

Mindy body spirit connection makes us a whole being. It allows to be aware of our actions, feel our emotions with detachment, take care of our physical body and open us to the flow of universe. Rugby like other physical movements, art, Yoga, meditation, and prayer allows us to truly let go and be present. Why Rugby? Rugby is a team sport that includes significant physical contact with others without any protection. In American Football there’s padding and helmets, ice hokey has protective gear but Rugby is usually played without much bodily protection, sometimes the players may wear a helmet.

It’s easy to get injured in this sport and that’s why taking care of the body while quieting the mind before and after is crucial. Yoga is very complementary to Rugby. Allowing the muscles especially shoulders, hamstrings, and low back to stretch and release. Yoga brings awareness to one’s physical limitations and this mindfulness can help prevent injuries. Quieting the mind is important to preventing injuries. If you’re too wrapped up with yourself it can bring down your self-esteem and question your e very move. You are no longer in the flow, and this can hurt you and your teammates.

In addition, Yoga strengthens the core which helps build balance. Balance is key in Rugby a sport that is a combination of soccer, football, wrestling, and gymnastics. Have you seen when the players lift one of the players to try to get the ball? That’s pure balance.

What about being in the Scrum? Again, mind body connection to help teammates get the ball.

Yoga can help Rugby players prepare and recover mentally, physically and emotionally.

Sherry Ellingson

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