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Instead of FOMO get in to the flow of JOMO:).

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is real and it can be exhausting. Checking your phone consistently to see what others are up to on social media, comparing your lifestyle to others, saying yes to any social invitation and in general not feeling grounded. FOMO can create anxiety, depression and a low self-esteem. The feeling of missing out on the next best thing, the chase of feeling really happy (I'll come back to this later).

One thing that the pandemic has taught us is that less is more. Less social obligations, less driving, less eating out, less groups of people to hang out with. It's definitely better for our planet, and health wise it's safer to be in JOMO (joy of missing out). How to create JOMO you might be wondering?

First and the most important thing is the emotion of really happy can come from a state of being grounded in who you are and creating self acceptance. To chase happiness is to be in avoidance of other feelings. Being in a state of joy is being accepting and flowing with life. Knowing that you can create fun in your life without comparing your self to others'.

Creating joy and being grateful for the simple things in life. In this culture we have learned that an extremely busy life is the best life.

For example as parents signing up children for a million activities and classes. How is that helping their future? Or how is the quality of the family life now? Kids are stressed out more than ever, they have a hard time with basic social skills and their creativity has decreased. They are in a constant state of being bored and having to entertain themselves with screen time, when not being rushed to activities. What about the parents? Rushing around constantly and not being grounded in their own lives because of FOMO. What are we really missing out on?

Of course it's great to learn new skills and hobbies but there needs to be a balance.

A balance of self-care, work, school, sports/movement,

, art and spirituality. Being in the flow and learning to find joy in missing out.

Sherry Ellingson

Life/Career Coach + Yoga Teacher

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