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When to know that it's time to move on?

Have you been in a place in your life that you just don't feel motivated or happy with what you do?

Maybe you feel cranky, or you just can't seem to meet your deadlines. Perhaps you are just seeing the negative and all you can do is complain about what is not working out.

Sometimes a lack of creativity is a sign that things need to shift. Even feeling tired and drained could be a sign of having to make changes.

It's normal to go through growing pains when the time has come for a change in your life. Whether its a friendship, work or lifestyle. You'll know deep inside that it's time move on.

I always recommend before you quit your job, school, marriage etc. to look with in yourself first. How can you change your attitude or thoughts towards what is not working.

It's important to do the work on yourself since you can't change others and see if there are any improvements for you. Make a list of what works and what needs improvement. Then look at the improvement list and notice if you can make any of those changes. Lastly if you have given it some time and it's still feels like it's draining you it's time to make room for the next chapter.

Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach

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