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Food Matters

Like most people the SIP has affected the way and what I eat and drink. I've been an advocate for healthy eating, but with some balance for years. However my definition of healthy may differ from someone else's. I've known (since I was pregnant with my second daughter) that sugar has a very negative affect on my body, the way my mind processes things and my emotional well being. If I have a bowl of ice cream my body treats it as if I have had a couple of cocktails and I feel it soon after eating. But I've been giving myself permission to eat and drink things that I normally stay away from, while I've been at home. I have continued my Yoga + Meditation practice, hiking, and CORE workouts but my snacks were not my usual. Then I started having severe pain in my body, specifically my joints. The pain was so severe that it was getting harder to get out of bed in the mornings and the brain fog was coming back. Brain fog for me translates in to not being able to focus and light depression. After booking a session with my Teacher, I knew that I had to go back to my regular diet of very low to zero sugar, no wheat/low carb and definitely no corn. After a few days the pain decreased. I want to encourage you to look at what food gives you healthy energy with out spikes of high and low, how your mind functions and what happens with your feelings. All being the result of what you are eating. Noticing if anxiety drops, muscle and joint pain decreases, if your energy moves toward a natural path, a drop in irritation/mood swings and lower case of inflammation. All compelling reasons to take good care of yourself!


Sherry Ellingson

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