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Finishing up the Decade!

As we finish 2019 we are not only finishing up a year but a decade.

It's fun to set up a ritual besides celebrating on New Year's Eve. The ritual can be a great way to ensure you don't bring the baggages of the last decade in to the new.

Give yourself about 30 minutes of alone time, light some candles and get relaxed.

Grab a journal and write all of the things that come to mind that have happened in the past years. Then write about all of your accomplishments small or large.  If you have anger and resentment this is a good time to work through it and begin to leave it behind.

Finally visualize and write about what you want your next 10 years to be like. Feel in to it and notice what feelings comes up when you do this.

It can be anything from growing your business, getting a new job, new friendships, a new romantic relationship, a baby or moving.

Once you are done writing change the energy of the room by opening windows.

If things come up for you that you feel like you can't let go of it may be helpful to  work with a therapist, coach or talking to a trusted friend.

The goal is to start the year/decade light and free of the past!

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