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5 Ways to Manage Anxiety-NOW

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Moving through daily life we create our own stress. You may disagree with me. There are things outside of our control that have an impact on how we feel. The news, the daily changes in our world, not knowing if our kids will go back to school, how will your business thrive, the person cutting you off as you drive, the health of a loved one and much more. Anxiety is worrying about the future and trying to control something that doesn't exist.

As I've grown on my spiritual path I have learned that my thoughts create my stress and anxiety. I'm a believer in energy and I know when I'm not feeling so great on the inside it spirals and impacts everything/everyone around me. I practice what I teach and Here are a few tools that help me and I hope it will you too.

1-Start your morning with a few deep breaths before you get out of bed.

Set the tone for your day by visualizing the feeling(s) you want to have.

2-Set a timer and check in with yourself through out your day. Notice your emotions and how you are feeling at that moment. Is the mind busy? Stop and breathe. Don't let negative thoughts control you, the mind tends to attach to negativity. It's important to learn how to disengage from it.

3-Bring awareness to what you are doing at the moment. The less multi-tasking the better.

4-Utilize a checklist. Add your self care routine on this list: daily exercise, meditation, work stuff, school work, check in with friends/family, home related stuff and anything else. I like to use my phone but you can use whatever is handy for you. The goal is to write it down so you're not continually worried about it.

5-5-Release and Surrender5-Release and Surrender. Knowing that there's something greater than us and allowing the Universe to guide you. The truth is we have very little control over things outside of ourselves but we can learn how to manage our emotions and feelings.


Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

Mind.Body.Emotional Freedom

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