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Wrapping up 2020.

Wrapping up this year is grounds for celebration, hope, and new beginnings. We are beginning to see the light with the vaccine and the hope it brings for humanity. It’s always a great idea to reflect on the year that is ending and notice its lessons both personal and collectively.

There are many lessons in 2020 but I am going to touch on a few. This year taught us to stand and do something for ourselves, human rights, climate change and more. We were taught to live in the present, mourn what was and think about how to create a better world. A lesson in learning to put aside the ego and finding happiness from with in vs. looking for it elsewhere. Learning to cultivate and nurture our relationships with ourselves and those we live with. The year asked us to increase our self-care on a deeper level in order to show up and help those less fortunate. Our hearts broke with the lack of social justice, our eyes were opened to lies and corruption, and the reality that climate change is here to stay unless we do something about it now.

The year also showed us true kindness and compassion. People stepping up to help one another in their communities and globally. People protesting and mourning together to show that we are all connected. This has been the year of many endings. But it gives us the opportunity to plant the seeds to rebuild better, healthier and stronger ways of being.

Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

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