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Is Your Company's Culture Up to Date?

If you own a business, run a company, manage one, are a recruiter or in H.R. you’re aware that your company culture is one of the most important ways you can increase productivity and the bottom line.

There are many ways and many things to offer your employees that not only will create an atmosphere of fun, loyalty, cohesiveness, and inclusion but also productivity. It doesn’t matter if the economy is in a recession or there are hundreds of applicants for one job posting. The people you want to attract and keep will not stay with a company that doesn’t make them feel good.

Here are just a few things to look at within your organization that can help raise awareness around company culture:

1-Core Values: Have a detailed list of core values that are in tune with current times. How are you dealing with being inclusive? Are your hiring people, person, team looking at both internal (to promote) and external candidates and their experiences, their attitude and personality as well as education? Education alone is not enough. Are the existing employees and those being considered to on board, meet the values of your business?

2-Hiring/Training: Training both new and existing people will ensure cohesiveness. Most companies don’t have a training program or a very limited one, because they don’t want to invest in it. Some businesses even make their current employees work twice as hard to train a new person while doing their own job. That causes burn out and resentment. Investing in a training period with a trainer pays off in the long run. It’s close to being impossible to expect a new hire to fit in and know what is expected without at least a 3-week training and shadowing of a designated trainer. There’s usually a 3-month learning curve, sometimes more based on the position.

3- Say No to Favorites: Most companies have a no favoritism policy, but I’ve seen upper management and CEOs talking about their time off partying and hanging out with some of the employees and then talking about it during conference calls and meetings. That’s a huge turn off and a sign that the workplace is toxic. These actions drive people away vs. creating a team.

4-Work/Life Balance-Time off: There is a huge difference between American work culture and European. You might have heard this before “Americans live to work and Europeans work to live”. I can’t believe that all people no matter where they live do not appreciate time off to have fun with their friends and families. I believe that our culture keeps pushing to get results and that is no longer working. Some companies are crossing boundaries with their teams by creating more projects because their teams are working from home. NO emails,calls or texts during non-business hours should be strictly enforced. Giving people enough time to do a project, keeping in mind how long it would take during regular business hours. I see this with management and owners who themselves need planning and organization training. Ensuring all employees take their vacation times regularly and making it easy to plan. Allowing your people to have flexible hours. An 8-5/40 + hours a week is so outdated. Some people can get their work done quickly and with quality in less time.

When people are given time off to have an outside life, they will be happier and more productive at work.

5-Wellness: Do you have a wellness culture for your team? Wellness entails mind, body and emotions. Creating specific times for Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for all employees. Making sure that no calls, meetings or projects interfere with that time. How about offering Life Coaching and Therapy budgets as part of your package?

6-Dress code: This is based on the company/business, again making sure it represents current times. There are personal stylists and consultants that can be brought on to help the team.

7-Self-Awareness: The key to success is being open to change. Be willing to revisit every area of your business and consider if it’s people first. Continue to invest in your people, while monetary compensation is important it’s NOT everything.

Sherry Ellingson

Business/Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

Mind.Body.Emotional Freedom

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