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What Keeps Employees Loyal?

Sherry Ellingson: Business & Career Coach

What keeps an employee loyal? There are different reasons that keep people loyal to their jobs, and money is not always the reason. Although pay is a huge factor in accepting a position or a title, that is not the reason that keeps employees long term. For a business and a company to be successful (big, small, corporate or public sector) the people who run, work and own the business have to be truly happy.

Here are some of the reasons employees stay long term and add to a healthy work environment:

1-Feeling Valued: How do you feel in your current role is the key to happiness at work. Being valued by management, co-workers and clients is curicial and being loyal. Maybe you've heard the saying "People don't work for companies, they work for people"? The minute an employee feels undervalued is when that person's loyalty to the business drops.

There are many ways a business can show value to their employees; however not everyone is the same. It's important to have a culture that is equitable.

2-Sense of belonging: A company's culture is everything . People want to feel like they belong in their workplace. As a manager or owner it's important to create an atmosphere of trust and teamwork.

3-Location: The location and the commute of one's work is part of a satisfied company culture and happy employees. There are many people who would like to work from home or have a hybrid option.

4-Respect for time: Having personal time that you are not bothered with work is curicial to health and balance. Allowing your team to have their personal time. For example not scheduling meetings during someone's day off, or having company wellness time but expecting management to skip it and have a zoom call.

5-Money: People want to feel worth based on how much they work. How much someone gets paid and their sense of value is based on their pay.

These are a few situations that create a happy employee. People who are happy tend to stay at their job longer and the company benefits from it.

Sherry Ellingson

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