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The Layers of Gratitude

While it's important to have a daily gratitude practice, it's also important to have a practice that is the WHOLE life.

What I mean by this is to be grateful for the painful and hurtful situations that we have experienced. Every experience is here for us to learn, grow and become stronger.

Step 1: Ourselves

Being appreciative of who we are today. Not when we have reached a certain career goal, not when we lose that weight, not anything. Being grateful for every thing about our being now. Because when we accept who we really are, we have peace. We will make choices from a WHOLE place vs. a pained place. Our lives become healthier and we will choose healthier situations.

Step 2: Past Experiences

Our past is who we are today. Our experiences have shaped us, painful or joyful. People come in to our lives for a reason: for us to learn the lessons we are to learn. When we don't acknowledge the lesson it will continue until we can deal with it head on.

Step 3: The Future

Be grateful for the future and all it will bring. Imagine and be in gratitude for your ideal life and allow the energy to unfold!


Sherry Ellingson

Lifestyle Coach. Yoga Teacher. Personal Stylist

Mind. Body.Emotional Freedom

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