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The Benefits of Virtual Yoga.

One of the many changes that is happening now is to practice Yoga virtually vs. in person at a studio, a gym or one on one with a Teacher. Originally the asana (poses/movement) practice of Yoga was created years later after the philosophy fo Yoga (Yoga Sutras). The movement of Yoga was meant to be practiced privately student with her/his teacher as a type of medicine, the goal of Yoga is to decrease human suffering through mind, body and emotions. In a Yoga class the teacher gives hands on assists to help the student move in to a pose in a gentle way that helps the student benefit the most based on their individual ability. Covid 19 has changed how we do Yoga in person but there are benefits of practicing virtually.

1-Practice with any teacher you like:

Previously the distance or the location of a teacher might have not allowed a student to practice with a particular teacher.

2- Convenience:

You can practice at home esp. if you have kids. Before You'd have to join a gym or find a babysitter to be able to go to class.

3-Helping small businesses/individual teachers:

Most teachers get paid either by the head (meaning a set amount per student) or a flat rate even if they have 50 students in a class. The actual teacher makes very little amount. You can now pay the teacher directly; and helping the small owned business.

4-Great for the Earth

Less travel, less gas and less pollution.

Thank you for reading,

Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

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