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Resiliency and How to Stand Strong!

Resiliency and How to Stand Strong Becoming resilient is one of the most challenging passages of life. Most people go through tough situations in their life. However, there are those who metaphorically get dragged naked by a rope tied to a back of a car that’s driving 25 miles per hour. At least that’s how it feels mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This dragging can take years. It can also feel as if a steam roller is rolling over you back and forth. It’s ugly and sometimes it feels as if it will never end. Usually when this is happening it feels like the people in your life have stepped back or even disappeared. Some may stay, but usually they don’t like the new you that is emerging. Therefore the process is a one person show. When these situations arise, there are two ways it can turn out. One, the person can feel victimized/martyred and stay in that vibration. Second with persistence, hope and a willingness to evolve you can become resilient…a spiritual warrior! It takes spiritual strength and most often times the help of a Teacher/Mentor, The Universe, a Life Coach or a Therapist. When working with someone it’s important that they have experienced pain and grown from it. As one of my teachers

Martha Beck says, “you must live it to give it”. However, the work is all within us, there is no easy way out. The work is all internal. The goal is to keep purging and forgiving. Until the time finally arrives that the pain has lessened, and we can stand up stronger, healed and with a heart that is more loving vs. closed off!

Sherry Ellingson

Mind.Body.Emotional Freedom

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