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Mastering Your Complaints.

By Sherry Ellingson

Have you ever realized how much and what you complain about? Or you may know someone or groups of people who literally bond over their complaints? It becomes a competition. Who lost what, how much something costs, so and so is mean, traffic is bad, the weather is just awful. All of which may be true. But have you stopped to notice how it makes you feel, when you always complain and or have to listen to someone who always complains all of the time?

Complaining has this energetic component to it. On one side it allows you or the person complaining to feel better and or find someone to bond over it with. It may help open up a new path and to make necessary changes in life. That's the proactive side of complaining. For example leaving the job that doesn't pay you enough, or a friendship/relationship that makes you unhappy.

The opposite side of that is the complaining to complain and it becomes a very victim mind set. Getting stuck in the emotional side of the complaints it becomes very negative and energy draining.

So how do you master your complaints? Pause and notice what you always complain about. What makes you unhappy. Then why do you complain. Is it because you want to be rescued or have someone to take care of it for you.

Turn it around. Empower yourself and make changes to better your life. You'll notice things begin to shift for you and you'll be able to create energetic distance between you and your thoughts.

Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach

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