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How Do You Start Your Day?

Sherry Ellingson

This year I am digging deeper in to the self care journey and I am inviting you to share it with me and anyone else that you think may benefit.

How do you start your day?

If you're like most people, you are probably getting up exhausted and not so refreshed. I am offering a guideline to help you start your day with intention vs getting thrown in and being reactive.

This is especially important if you have kids and teens, because not only do you have your day but you have other peoples' day too.

Let's step back and go to the night before :). I like to prepare as much as I can the night before.

I prepare my lunch if I'm not working from home, I have teens so they are now responsible for taking a lunch and healthy snacks ( for my younger daughter it's a reminder). When they were younger I tried to prep the night before. I set my coffee machine for the next day (using the auto-timer).

If you eat breakfast have a protein rich breakfast option for yourself (prepared the night before). You want to start your day with protein to help stabilize the blood sugar and keep your mood leveled.

Pick out your/kids outfits the night before. It saves time in the morning in many ways, especially if you have picky kids.

Anything that did not get done for the day, schedule for the next day in your calendar.

NOW for the actual morning: Take a few minutes before getting out of bed to check in with yourself and how you are feeling. What kind of day do you want to have? Name it, for example fun, productive, restful, you get the idea.

Bring some movement in to your morning: stretching & light yoga you can do this while still in bed. Some people benefit from an early morning work out either at home, a gym or a studio.

Open your curtains and let the morning light in.

Get dressed (even if you work from home) and make your bed.

Let your emails and texts be something you check after you have had your morning routine and you feel grounded. You don't want to get sucked in to something when you are not ready.

And last but not least: give yourself extra time to get where you are going. Most accidents are caused because people are in a hurry. Give your self an extra 10 minutes, that way you are not rushed. Teach the same to your kids.

Mornings are important for you and starting it in a way that is peaceful can have a positive impact on not just you but everyone else as well.


Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach

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