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Life Stages for Women

by Sherry Ellingson

Being a woman is incredible!

Yes it is, while some like to say "it's hard" I have learned continue to learn to rephrase it and say "it's incredible"! We get to experince so many changes with our bodies, minds, emotions and more. Life is more fun when you can flow with change. It's only hard if we try to control it and keep it the same.

We get to experience getting our periods, getting and being pregnant, postpartum stage and menoupause. It's literrally impossible to be a woman and not embrace change. Our bodies have been made for it.

I think we need to learn how to gracefully go through each stage. Learning to care for ourseleves: spiritually, physically and emotionally. Each stage has it's needs and we can learn to tune and see what is asking of us.

Each stage needs its unique selfcare to thrive.

I am on this journey to heal and have fun and I would like to do it with you.

I can be your coach as you navigate life!

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