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How to create inner calm.

Everything has stopped..yet we must move forward. Being able to move forward starts with you. If you are not used to being at home, if you have children that need to be home schooled, or you may have a store that had to close there's a lot happening. Even for people who normally work from home there has been huge changes for everyone.

A lot of people are worried, stressed and more.

I am offering some tips that I hope may benefit you.

1-Be Thankful: If you and your family are in good health, take a moment and feel that.

2-Pause through out your day and check in with yourself. How are you feeling?

3-Notice the thoughts that are on repeat, otherwise known as Monkey Brain. When we pause we become aware of the thoughts are continual in our head. Can you just become aware of them and not try to do anything?

4-The thoughts are creating feelings that are creating a new reality for you that are probably not true. You are creating anxiety for a future that hasn't happened yet. Can you feel in to your body and notice where the anxiety/stress is showing up?

5-Begin to question your thoughts.

6-Can you come up with a thought that is more positive for you? Can you take small steps to make yourself feel better?

Once you have created a detachment from your thoughts and notice the pattern start to move forward. What I mean by this is to create new daily routines. For example get up at the same time everyday. Set time to meditate for a couple of minutes when you wake up, and believe you will handle anything that comes up. Change your clothes and get ready, make your bed. Same thing if you have kids who need to be homeschooled, set up daily routines/schedule for them. Make time to exercise, do Yoga, hike, bike, run, resistant train.

Set up daily social hour for yourself and kids via FaceTime, Zoom etc. Clean and pick up your surroundings. Having a clutter free environment does wonders for the emotional health.

Get back to eating in a way that heals you and makes you strong. Our food has a huge impact on how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically.

Once you are back to making a new routine for yourself and taking care of you, the next step is what's next? What do you need to do with your life, school, work, business that will feel good for you? Start to think about it and maybe journal for now.

If you have a service based business thinking about how to strengthen your on-line presence and maybe offer E-commerce, and begin to research the ways that is possible.

The point is you can do anything, once you create inner calm.


Sherry Ellingson

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