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Energy Matters in all Areas of Life.

Sherry Ellingson


We just returned from an amazing trip to Europe. The first thing our friends and family asked was which city did you prefer London or Paris? My answer is both. The two cities have their own unique energy and I loved them equally.

As someone who is sensitive to other energies, I tend to pick up moods and emotions. The energy is a deciding factor for me. From people who do my nails, dentist my co-workers to cities. It's all about the energy (the vibe).

I was a hiring manager for many years, as I interviewed/recruited people I looked at their: experience, etiquette/manners, timeliness, honesty and most importantly did they come across as energizing, intense or not alive (unmotivated).

Now as a business consultant and a career coach when I work with clients I let them know how they "feel" as a place or person is just as important as their resume, restaurant/store, pricing, and customer service. The energy matters.

Thank you for reading!


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