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Exclusive Programs

Programs are created for a duration of time and focus on a specific area of life. They are meant to be either one-on -one and for a few of the programs with someone else such as pre-marital coaching and mother & daughter healing.

Each week there is a topic that is introduced to create awareness and learning.

All new clients will have a consultation and paperwork to fill out.

All appointments will have the same time and day that is the  weekly.

Sales are final.

Mindful Communication

Communication is everything in our lives. How we talk, listen, email , text, body language, our intention behind it, and the tone.  It can help us be successful or create problems with our relationships, family and career.  

In this program you learn the what, the how and the when that are important.


12 weeks done virtually. The first 9 weeks are training and the 3 final weeks are doing the work in the world and checking in with Sherry once a week .

Cost: $1500. To meet on line once a week for 55 minutes. Noting that all sales are final.


Pre-Marital Coaching

This program is designed for couples who want to take the next step in your relationship to get married and have kids. Yes love is important but marriage takes work from both people and knowing what is important to your partner ahead of time will reduce stress and resentment in the future.

Every week for 12 weeks we will meet on Zoom to discuss the various areas of life that are key to having a happy marriage. Also keeping in mind that the work will need to continue.

Details: The couple and Sherry will meet once a week for 12 weeks for 55 minutes. Each week there is a topic that is introduced and discussed  and to be reviewed.

Pricing: $1400 with initial meeting and paperwork to fill out prior to starting.

Sales are final.


Career Goals

This is a great program for both recent graduates and those in an existing career. What's next for you? What motivates you? With this program you can get closer to what you are meant to do while enjoying it. For 8 weeks you will get to know yourself better, fix up or create your resume, learn the art of networking and LInkedIn, how to interview and much more.


Meet with Sherry once a week at the same day and time on Zoom for a total of 8 weeks.

Pricing: $1000 including initial meeting and new client paperwork.

Sales are final.


Mother  & Daughter 

The sad news is that not all mother & daughter relationships are healthy and happy. However in this program I teach you ways and give you tools to allow yourselves to have a bond that is loving and respectful.


Both will meet virtually with  Sherry once a week for 8 weeks with a 55 minute time frame. Every week has a topic to explore together.


$1000 including new client paperwork.

Sales are final

Get in Touch

Please email me with interest.

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