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Selfology: Study of Self
Classes & Workshops
Sherry Ellingson

Women's Monthly Circle

First Fridays

This is a great offer to get together with other women to relax and decompress. It is in person. It entails topic to discuss, guided meditation and Restorative Yoga Poses.

2024: 9/6, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6

Must pay to sign up: $15 /  $50 for 4.

24 hour cancellation is required.

Space is limited ( waitlist available)


As women we have go through many stages in life where our bodies change. Did you know you can be in Perimenopause before Menopause? This class offers support and selfcare guidance through this stage.

Balance Your Life

Plan & Organize

This on-line 3 week class teaches how  to balance to create space for what is meaningful  to you.  Meets Saturdays 10-11am PST on Zoom.

2024: September 7,14, 21

        October/November 19,26 Nov 2

Fee: $100- You will get Zoom link after signing up. Final Sale.


So you had a baby what's next? Your body is going through tons of changes while having to balance life with a baby. How to take care of yourself physically and emotionally is what you will learn in this group.

Money Matters

How is your relationship with money? How you spend, save and earn. Our relationship to money is very emotional. Some know how to balance but most people have stress about how much they don't have no matter what. In this BRIEF 3 week on-line class I teach you how your relationship with money started and how to move forward, learning what is important for you. For more in depth it's recommended to continue work with Sherry one - one.

2024: Mondays September 9,16,23.

         6 pm-7pm.

Fee: $150 Non-Refundable


Stress Management

Our world is moving at a rapid pace. We can pull back and learn what is causing the overwhelm and how to manage it with this 4 week on-line class.

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