Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

Mind.Body.Emotional Freedom

Mind. Body. Emotional

Life Coaching touches on your past experiences , while focusing on the present issues and setting actionable goals for the future. I work with you to become mindful and  aware of the mind- body connection and the fears or anxities that are holding you back. In addition looking at emotions that may be hidden or have been ignored. 

This is the ultimate in getting ready to take the next step in your relationship.  You have been together and are in love, you are thinking about getting engaged. 

I'm a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher. I specilize in Flow (Vinyasa) style group classes. My area of expertise/ specialty is working with  Athletes to release pain and work with injuries, while strengthening various muscle groups. In addition I use

As a Business Coach/Consultant I specialize in Coaching owners of privately owned small to medium sized businesses in retail, salons, spas, and fitness studios.

I spent many years as a Consultant working with businesses that are privately owned, analyzing the front and back end and the structure of the business

  Communication is everything in our lives. How we communicate (talk, listen, email, text and social media posts) is an expression and extension of us.

Our emotions come through and in some cases the intent and delivery do not coincide.  We can listen to someone talk (including but not limited to: news, books, magazines, podcasts, friends and family) and because of their words we can feel anger, hurt or resentful.

My Approach

I'll meet you where you are emotionally, mentally and physically!

My goal is to help you reach freedom from struggle and suffering.  Everyone can use support when faced with new and or uncomfortable situations in life.

About me

Workshops and Classes are done in a group environment.  They are offered both in private: i.e. offices, gatherings, colleges, company retreats and more. While others are offered in different venues that are set up by me.

Having a Life Coach session with Sherry is like stepping in to a meditative sanctuary.  Sherry is very good at creating an environment grounded in healing energy no matter how hard the topic is to talk about.  With her inquisitive nature and Coaching style Sherry has been very effective in assisting me remove limiting beliefs and in creating clear solutions. I highly recommend her!

Amanda E.


 Sherry Ellingson