Workshops + Classes

Workshops and Classes are done in a group environment.  They are offered both in private: i.e. offices, gatherings, colleges/Universities, company retreats and more. While others are offered in different venues that are set up by me.



Schedule for 2020:

(Pre-registration is required)

Couples' Communication

The workshop entails 45 min. Restorative Yoga

60 minutes of learning tools to navigate communication with your partner.

Will touch on Social Media, phone use and being actively present for each other.

Saturday February 8, 2020 11-12:30 pm

YMCA Pleasant Hill $5 donation to YMCA foundation.

Chakras 101 +Yoga
online Via Zoom

Basics of learning about Chakras and our energy centers. Where they are and how they affect the mind body and emotions. In addition an all level Yoga class.

Early bird buy tickets by 4/10 via eventbrite $12

All tickets by April 23rd $15

Donation based available.

April 25, 2020 11:00 am-12:30

Working with Low back pain Through Yoga 

60 minutes of YOGA and working with the low back. Releasing emotional stress. All levels class, using props and holding poses longer .

June 27th 11:00 AM-12:00 pm.

Easing in to the Holidays

A 90 minute workshop includes restorative Yoga and 60 minute of Life Coaching Tools. Get ready for the Holidays by taking care of yourself and prioritizing the most important points.

November 16th 11:00 AM

Workshops open to public 2019:

New Year's Workshop:

Yoga, Meditation and Vision Board Design.

Jan. 12, 2019 

YMCA Pleasant Hill, CA.

Body Image:

75 minute workshop includes 25 minute Restorative Yoga.

Reduce stress and find ways to make your Lifestyle more fun in order to get away from negative self talk aobut yourself.

April 13, 2019

Mindful Communication:

A 90 minute workshop includes 30 minute all levels flow yoga. 

Learning tools to communicate feelings and thoughts in a loving but impactful way.

September 2019

Easing In To The Holidays:

A 90 minute workshop includes 30 minute Restorative Yoga and 10 min. Meditation. Tools to work with to keep you from getting stressted and triggered duting the Holidays.

November 2019.


Online Via Zoom:

Tuesday & Thursday

10:00 am-10:55 (starting June)

Breath work, meditation and dynamic movements designed to release tension and anxiety.  The holding of Poses vary from one breath to three breaths. We warm up with a peak pose.

 Music , Core work with Sun Salutations.  

Classes subject to change 

please email to ensure times.

$15/Class paid through Venmo

5 classes/ $50- 

Email me with interest:

Must sign up day prior for classes.

Fridays: (cancelled as of now due SIP)

The Y-Pleasant Hill

8:00 am (55 minutes) Vinyasa-

Level 2

Breath work, meditation and dynamic movements designed to release tension and anxiety.  The holding of Poses vary from one breath to three breaths. We warm up with a peak pose.

 Music , Core work with Sun Salutations.  

9:15 am (30 minutes) CORE

This class is designed to strengthen the CORE while having fun. Focus on strengthening all over, different props such  as blocks, weights and sliders may be used.

10:00 Deep Flow (55 minutes)

Similar to Vinyasa, work with each pose about 5 breaths. Class might include handstands and forearm stands. Should have the knowledge of Sun Salutations A, B and C.

 Sherry Ellingson