Pre-Marital Coaching
for Couples

This is the ultimate in getting ready to take the next step in your relationship.  You have been together and are in love, you are thinking about getting engaged. This program covers the majority of issues that come up in a marriage.  Small or non-existent topics such as where to spend the Holidays and who will get up in the middle of the night to feed the crying baby, can grow intolerable over time and cause resentment and anger.  The two of you will work with me once a week for 13 weeks.  Each week is designed to cover a specific topic to see where you both stand, communicate and find common ground now.  It's the" what to expect when you are getting married "!!

The goal is to work through the tough topics now an be able to have a fun, loving and healthy marriage.


The program entails filling answering questions ahead of time. Then we will meet once a week for 13 weeks via Skype or FaceTime for 60 minutes.  

Price: $1040 with 2 payments of $520. The first payment is due prior first session an the second payment will be due prior to 5th session.

 Sherry Ellingson