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Ten Year Anniversary!

It's been 10 years since I started my own small business. My intention had been to help small service based businesses increase their profits. I began this journey shortly after I was laid off from a big retail management position. These past years have been filled with challenges, heart break, growth and transformation.

I had started in retail while getting my B.A., first as a fun part time job, while I worked on a business degree with the goal to attend Law school. Shortly after taking a law course at S.F.S.U, I realized it was not my gig. I changed my major to Fashion Business and continued my 22 years in retail working as an assistant buyer, different levels of management and an area trainer and coach.

In 2011 I started my business as a Retail Consultant (Creative Retailing) and for over four years worked with retailers, fine jewelry shops, designers, wholesalers, preschool owners, salon shops and hair dressers. I was briefly the CEO of a Personal Styling platform after having been a consultant for them.

In 2013 I had a health scare that was the pivoting point in my life. Being a Mom to 2 young girls and having close relatives who had cancer, I was told I might have breast cancer. Luckily I did not, however I chose to shift and learn self-care to reduce daily stress by practicing Yoga and Meditation. In 2014 I started my 200-HR Yoga Teacher training to add to my business. I have always been sporty having played various sports growing up and have suffered from all kinds of sports injuries. I wanted as a Yoga teacher to help those who were suffering both physically and emotionally. During this time I had also made the decision to get formally trained in Coaching (Business and Life). I felt that a lot of people that I worked with had blocks that prevented them from being truly successful; both professionally and personally. That's when my Creative Reatailing business morphed in to Sherry Ellingson Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Teacher.

As I grew my business, I continued to be a full time Mom and navigate the different areas of life. Through this I lost friendships and separated from my husband of 20 years. I gained new friendships that are more aligned with who I am, strengthened my voice and learned how to be resilient. Ten years later my intention continues to be to help heal those who need support both emotionally, mentally and physically.


Sherry Ellingson


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