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Taking Extra Care of Yourself During Life Transitions

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is always a good idea. Having a daily set routine that you are able to count on and that brings you peace even if you are away from your home can bring peace and centeredness. However, during life transitions the daily ritual may need to be pumped up to a higher level. The reason being that life transitions can take us be surprise i.e. losing a job, going through a divorce, taking care of a sick parent, having kids, losing a friend to sickness, moving, graduating from college, a pandemic and more. While some transitions such as marriage, graduation, and having kids is considered a time of happiness they still cause a great deal of stress and require lifestyle changes.

Almost all life transitions require some or a complete lifestyle makeover. Our emotions, mental and physical bodies can go into shock. The flight freeze or fight hormones can kick in and all of a sudden anxiety, depression and unexplained anger can become a part of daily life. Taking care of yourself and being aware of what you are feeling becomes more important. According to Ayurveda and Yogic philosophy pain and dis-ease in the body can be caused by emotions (emotions are created by our thoughts) that have crystallized and not properly processed.

Here are my 4 tips to help up level your self-care:

FUN: Have fun every day and schedule it into your day. Ideally an activity that brings true joy.

MEDITATE: Make meditation part of your day. It’s easy to do when you first wake up and are still in bed. In the evening before bedtime. If you have kids, they can join you, using relaxing music is helpful. For those who have high energy painting, drawing, Yoga, swimming, running and walking are all great ways to meditate.

REST: Yes rest.

EXERCISE: Anyway, that you like to move. Sports, Yoga, dancing, climbing a tree daily.

OBSERVE: Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. What situations, people, food make you not feel good. Noticing how you feel is the first step before you decide to run away or punch someone in the face (fight or flight). Feelings come from thoughts, so notice the thoughts that are creating the emotions in order to process them.

Lastly if possible talk to a trusted person in your life and get emotional support from a professional if needed.

Sherry Ellingson

Lifestyle Coach + Yoga Teacher

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