• Sherry Ellingson

Being in Gratitude and Being Triggered.

What are you thankful for........can be very triggering emotionally for a lot of people. The truth is this society has a low capacity for people who are suffering. With that said, culturally self centeredness has become the norm. What do I mean?

We are told over and over to have "good vibes" and be grateful even if you are in the middle of a tragic point in your life. Culturally speaking I come from a culture that mourns and suffers for long periods of time. What I find comforting about the culture in the U.S. is all the ways we celebrate. Just to simplify looking at the calendar there is a Holiday to celebrate every month (except August).

On the other hand this culture also doesn't leave room for people to feel their true feelings and allow to let things flow naturally. People in this culture are uncomfortable when someone is in pain emotionally. They are either ignored or the conversation turns to them and " about me"...

I recently lost my Dad (step Dad), lost my birth Dad when I was 16 and have lost 2 best friends (one was 32 the other 38) over time.The situations was either ignored, glossed over, or the expectation was that enough time has passed and you shouldn't be sad.

The truth is it's a hard time in the world right now. People are mourning all kinds of losses. So when you hear what are you grateful for? It may be triggering all kinds of emotions and pain. It's all right to be sad, mad and unhappy.

What I've found helpful is to have my feelings of loss and still find things/people I appreciate in my life. When you find a way to allow for your feelings to exist you find grounding. You feel your feet on the earth energetically and physically. You come in to the present moment and process in order to move forward.

I wish you health, joy and your way of walking in peace.




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